Releasing Workplace Stress: A Stress Management Workshop

Research shows that stress is one of the leading causes of absenteeism in the workplace. There is a huge advantage to managing stress in the office. Reduced personal stress improves team communications and builds morale within organizations. This workshop helps teams and leaders to identify stress and burnout. The workshop offers a five-step approach to stress reduction.

Responding to Burnout

Burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. It is caused by overwhelming amounts of stress and occurs when someone is unable to meet constant demands in their personal and professional life. Since burnout progresses over time, people do not always notice when it is happening. This workshop covers the impact of burnout and offers solutions to eliminating the symptoms and side effects.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

How we perceive experiences and conversations determine responses and outcomes. There is a huge connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Research has established emotional intelligence as a trait that is essential to job satisfaction, employee retention and connection among team members. This workshop teaches how to apply emotional intelligence competencies and skills in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Psychological First Aid: Building Workforce Resilience

There is a saying, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.” In 2020, COVID-19 impacted organizations around the world. The abrupt changes to operations increased stress for the workforce while impacting the emotional wellbeing of team members. This workshop identifies the core components of psychological first aid (PFA) and practical ways to implement it within various scenarios.

Psychological First Aid Building Workforce Resilience

Do You See Me? A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Diversity matters and is essential to developing an inclusive culture in the workplace. This dynamic workshop hits the mark by going beyond showing differences while including insight and instruction on collaborating as a diverse team. This comprehensive training provides tangible ways to engage in respectful and positive interactions in the workplace. We partner with you to design a workshop that fosters workplace diversity.

Do You See Me A Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training